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Caliber Technologies has positioned itself among the global majors providing Information Management Solutions to Quality Intensive and Regulated industries like Pharmaceuticals. The Company's emphasis on Comprehensiveness of Solutions, All round Quality, Operational Ease, Cost effectiveness and Exemplary Post-implementation Support have enabled the company to gain the respect of a host of reputed clients.


Caliber offers a complete training which ensures you, understand and be able to use the system easily in order to receive the most value. Effective training ensures you will get the most from the system.


It could run into serious non-compliance if validation process is not correct. Also instances like system breakdown due to incomplete validation or system vulnerable for breakdown. To overcome the above instances for QA managers Caliber offers complete validation scripts, and validation assistance.

Telephone/Web Support – Maintenance Contract (Level I)

For the application users or co-ordinators, there is a good chance you will need some level of on-going support when you encounter an operational difficulty or a specific new requirement. Caliber Supports through its global offices as you may need.

All of our support engineers are required to go through intensive training to obtain levels of certification to ensure you are getting the best possible support.

Customization Support

Sometimes your needs could be unique to you, and extend beyond the standard features of our system. In these cases we can work with you to custom build and fashion the system to meet your exact business requirements. The sequential and systematic process will be opted

Because of uniquely designed Object Model and architecture, our turnaround time is much quicker than the competition with fewer errors. New requirements are met quickly, and so business operations are better faster, and they can work the way their business demands and not feel trapped by technical limitations.

Version Upgrade – Maintenance Contract

Once you take the time and energy to invest in the system and use it over time you will want to take advantage of the improvements we make and we continually advance our products and their quality, as well as platform upgrades.

Remote Server Support – Maintenance Contract

Caliber provides remote server support and maintenance support through secured global support centre, equipped with security tools and certified resources to handle your critical servers. You can provide access to your servers in secured and monitored environment, and we do the rest. Remote support is secure, cost effective and faster way of resolving issues. A Faster and Secure connection.

Validation Documentation (GAMP 5)

If you don’t have validation documentation from us you will not prepare it on your own and you can't use the system.

We give you pre validated scripts complying to GAMP5.

Validation is quicker cheaper and compliant to all regulation.

Very few companies do this and shift the responsibility to you or a 3rd party.

Caliber Values its customers and remains ever alive to their needs. Caliber is therefore committed to respond with prompt and positive solutions, should there be a need for technical support. The repeat orders that Caliber receives are a testimonial for the product and its support quality. Caliber has a specially trained team to support you on-site, on the web or on Telephone. Rest assured we are there to support you on-site, on web or on telephone. Rest assured we are there to support you as a growth partners.