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SAP Integration

In the biotech, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries increasing demands on production coupled with stringent quality requirements mandate the necessity for integration between quality systems and enterprise systems. It is no longer acceptable to maintain islands of information in areas that impact heavily on each other. Since SAP is widely used as an ERP in the pharma industry, SAP integration a required feature in a LIMS. Caliber LIMS tightly integrates with SAP and Oracle ERP for seamless data transfer. SAP integration with Caliber LIMS can be relied upon since Caliber LIMS SAP interface engine has been certified by SAP Global Certification center, as products that can be deployed effectively for extension of Quality Management (QM) functionality of SAP. Caliber has earned the crucial certifications like XI – Extended interface through XML, EP – Enterprise Portal: allowing Caliber LIMS to be fully integrated with SAP and ESOA – Enterprise Service Oriented Architecture (Compatibility certification completed). These SAP certifications will allow Caliber to aggressively sell its LIMS product with SAP integration to manufacturers as an extension to existing or new SAP Implementations.